21 Mai 2018 — 20:00 Uhr


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After the success of his self-titled EP in 2016, he’s confirmed a debut album is due out next year. And to celebrate that announcement, he’s released that record’s first single ‘Games’.
Joining him on ‘Games’ is fellow rapidly-rising Norwegian star ARY, and between them the duo have enough star power to light up this single. It’s a song that goes for subtlety rather than outright explosion, dark and tense, but with enough rhythm to make a city shake. And both of these guys can sing the hell out of a song, so ‘Games’ hits you on multiple fronts at once. No word on exactly when that Gundelach debut album is due, but ‘Games’ is more than enough to keep you hooked in the meantime.

»Gundelach is one of Norway’s most exciting new talents and definitely one to look forward to seeing live.« cosmos-music.com